Food for thought, literally!

Since I’m still sore from the Santa run, I thought what better thing to do today than blog!  But more on the race later. First let’s talk food.  The holiday season is usually associated with family, friends and especially good eats!  However, over the past week, I have found eating more of a chore than for enjoyment.

As most North American’s are aware last Friday was Black Friday.  Canada has started to jump on this bandwagon and there were deals to be found as well.  I was off work last Friday and since I’m all about getting a good deal, I definitely was at the mall at 8:30am looking for a bargain.  My mother-in-law and I visited the mall, the local supplement store (Popeye’s), and of course, Value Village.  After the day was done we had shopped a solid seven hours.

I knew it was going to be a big day so I packed my trusty lunch pail with snacks.  Included in my lunch pail was half a whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter and apple slices, a kind bar, and an apple.  This is a good idea in theory; however, to be an efficient shopper, you need two hands!  So I found myself eating bites of my food while driving between locations.  I managed to finish all of my food by the end of the trip but realized that we probably should have stopped for lunch somewhere in there.  Missed meal. Not good.

Missed meals didn’t matter before surgery.  Missed meals really matter now.  I believe my metabolism is just as fast as it was prior to surgery and this is why I have been having such a difficult time maintaining my weight (besides the stricture, but that’s old news now!).  My mom always says, “food is medicine” and this is so true.  I have to think about eating every two-three hours or I end up losing weight.  Fifty percent of the time I don’t even feel like eating but I know I need to in order to stay healthy.

It’s difficult to discuss weight gain in a society that is focused around weight loss.  I know people struggle with weight loss and I sometimes feel bad for complaining about it.  However, I would take my stomach back in a flash if it wasn’t trying to kill me.  Living without a stomach is not an easy path but a necessary one.  Not everyday is hearts and rainbows, but you have to keep your head high, stay strong, and continue to celebrate any achievement throughout your recovery, big or small.

Which brings me to another recovery achievement.  I actually baked and ate home made cookies this week and it has been GLORIOUS!!  Mom, her friend, and I baked four dozen cookies last Tuesday.  Actually, I just watched most of it happen but I was able to reap the benefits.  I ate one of every type of cookie over a three hour period and was fine.  I was so happy, I decided to bake flourless peanut butter oatmeal cookies on Saturday.  I searched the internet for a while before I found this recipe.  I was looking for a cookie recipe that was low in sugar, higher in protein and other foods that slow transition through the gut.  **note, I used my homemade roasted almond butter instead of peanut butter because I ran out of peanut butter**




After they were completed, I ate one….waited….waited….20 minutes passed….success! No issues.  I have been talking about them every day since Saturday.  I don’t know if I would recommend this recipe to those who are early out of surgery but I think at the three month mark it may be safe.  I also wouldn’t recommend eating more than one at a time.

So although eating may feel like a chore sometimes, I must continue to focus on the positives.  I can now eat cookies and not worry about the extra calories.

Dessert anyone?

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