One year older. One year wiser

30 funny

Yesterday was my 30th birthday and what did I do? I went for dinner surrounded by my family.  Perfect.

Last year when I turned 29, I had envisioned going really big for my 30th birthday.  Go big or go home sort of deal.   Yesterday, when people asked me what I was doing for my birthday this year, I said that I would be going to work for the evening and then going out for dinner with my family to a local restaurant.  A completely different vision than what I had planned a year ago.  Probably a different vision for the majority of people who turn 30.

When you have a major surgery and learn afterwards that you really were a ticking time bomb that could have exploded any minute, your perspective changes in a lot of ways.  You realize a lot of things like how important your health is, how wonderful your support network is, and how we take a lot of things for granted.

Yesterday among all the sadness that struck our nations capital, I was thankful to be alive, enjoying a slice of home made chocolate (sugar free!) cake and home made ice cream (sugar free too, thanks mom!) with all members of my immediate family.

A month and half after my 29th birthday I found out about CDH1.  I’m happy to kiss 29 goodbye and see what adventures 30 has in store for me!





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