Post op week 6 – The slippery slope

I know I did a semi-update a couple days ago but there’s more!

I am now officially 6 weeks post op.  Yay!  This has been a fantastic week for me in terms of energy level and activity.  However, it’s a double edged sword that many post gastrectomy people experience.  For the past few days, I have had increased endurance but that combined with my eating issue has lead to a weight loss of two more pounds putting me at a whole 108lbs.  For the first time in my recovery, the weight loss has become a little frightening.  I think I am eating enough but then I wake up the next day and I have lost 1lb.  This was one of my biggest fears (besides the actual cancer) before surgery.    I know what the majority of you are thinking right now, “Can I give you some of my extra fat?”. My answer is, “Yes, you definitely can!!!!”  *Magic Wand and Poof*  If only it was that easy.

After a good talk with Brandon, we have decided that I am now going to track my daily caloric intake to make sure that I am eating/drinking enough.  Me being a goal setter, this was a great idea and I know I will strive to meet my goal!  I searched through my Samsung apps and conveniently found “S Health”, which is a built in app.  I can easily track my caloric intake, what time I ate at, as well as any additional comments.  The big part now is just remembering to document it.

Super excited about my new goals, I amped up my breakfast this morning by attempting to eat a slice of Dempster’s Ancient Grains toast with almond butter AND peanut butter (not Kraft because that is FILLED with sugar, already learned the hard way).  I was super happy I was able to eat it all.  However, the twenty minutes later….rapid heart rate, nausea, extreme fatigue.  I know how to recognize dumping now so I know it will pass after an hour or so.  So I just powered through it.  Strike 1 for that breakfast combo.

As I write this, I am snacking on 1/2 cup of Astro’s Plain Greek Yogurt 2x Protein (10% fat) mixed with Activia yogurt (but only 1/2 of a 100g cup because I also struck out on the full cup two weeks ago).  I mix the two to make the greek yogurt less thick.  It’s too difficult to eat on it’s own.

I have also decided that this weekend I am going to do my best to be more sedentary until I have my eating figured out.   It’s going to be tough but I need to gain back at least a pound.  I told myself before surgery that I hoped to stay above 110lbs.  Now I am telling myself I CANNOT fall below 105lbs.  I won’t lie, it’s tough.  Any Netflix suggestions? Books? Movies? Maybe I should get back into Minecraft….

In terms of pain management, I still continue to have incisional pulling and tightness. It is worse after eating or sitting for prolonged periods of time.  I usually look like Quasimoto for my first few steps after reminding myself to “STAND UP STRAIGHT”.  I still get occasional sharp pains deep in my abdominal wall. I attribute it to healing.  It usually feels like a running cramp and only lasts a split second.

When it comes to simple daily activities, I still can’t roll over in bed very well.  Walking up a small grade and a flight of stairs still makes my quads burn and my heart race.  I am now carrying my own purse.  I have driven for twenty-five minutes.  I wish I was allowed to lift! I know I keep saying it but it’s so true.

This is a semi side track but funny story. Because I am home during the day, I have encountered door-to-door solicitors on two separate occasions.  When I answer the door, I am usually greeted by a friendly gentleman who then asks, “Oh Hello, are your parents home?”  I then reply, “Oh, I’m the home owner”. They then have a very shocked and embarrassed look on their faces.  You know, the more I think of it, it’s not that bad of a problem.

Anyways, I will have a lot to follow up with over the next two weeks.  To cap it all off, here is a picture taken of me on the evening before my surgery.  image

This is me today.  It’s still shocking to me to see pictures of my ‘new’ self.  But, my incision looks bad ass.  Yes, I am going to rock that bikini when I am cleared to swim.



3 thoughts on “Post op week 6 – The slippery slope

  1. Wow! Your scar actually looks really good! Mine looked worse by this stage! Interesting that they went with the horizontal line, mine goes straight up and down… One part of my scar is crooked which is a little embarrassing and funny

    • Yeah, the other surgeon I consulted with does it vertical as well. I was amazed when I first saw it. I didn’t have staples, only subcutaneous stitches that dissolve and tissue glue! I was glued together, haha.

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