Post op week 5 update – Maintained weight!

Today marks the 5th week post op.  I think things really turn the corner for people after the first month.  I can see now why some people can return to work after 4-6 weeks post op.  For me this is not the case; however, I have started return to work talks with my employer which is exciting!

So here’s the break down for this week.

In terms of eating, I still have issues with ‘spitting up’.   It always makes me feel like I’m a bird ready to feed its young.  It’s not pleasant to see or do so you have to put some humour into it.  I will still take it over vomiting any day.  Food often feels like it gets ‘stuck’ just above my suprasternal notch.

If I leave it, sometimes it goes down but often it does not which leads to an inflammatory reaction where mucus is formed around the bolus and it starts to feel like I’m choking.  So usually, it’s best just to get rid of it and try again ten to fifteen minutes later. It happens about 1-3x a day.

On the brighter side, I found some great snacks made by Wellness Foods that are easy to digest and are low in sugar, high in protein and fiber.  I discovered them at the local Bulk Barn which has recently become a staple store over the past two weeks.  For the past two weeks I have been carrying around  “Simply Protein Crunch – Banana, Caramel, Cashew nut” since it gives me a hit of sweet without dumping.  I have also tried the “Simply Bar – Lemon Coconut” without any issues.  The bars break down to nothing when you chew them (similar to rice krispies) and they are easy to swallow and digest.  I have picked up a variety of other Simply bars and will try them out.  The bars are about average for a protein bar.  However, I have decided at this point, if I can eat it, I am going to buy it.   It’s all about maintaining weight right now.

Yesterday I started to experiment with the smoothies that are listed on the No Stomach for Cancer webpage.  I tried the Super Protein Power Smoothie with great success. It is nice to know there is something I can make and carry around with me to keep me fueled.  I hope to make a few of them and eventually try them all.  I didn’t use any Ensure though because it’s too sweet for me.

In terms of activity,  I no longer require my mandatory daily naps. In fact, for the past three days I have skipped it.  I am also able to stand in one spot for a longer period of time before I become winded.  When I’m sitting at rest, I don’t even feel my incision anymore.  I look forward to when all of my incisional tightness has subsided.

My back pain is subsiding as I continue to re-build my core.  I can’t do much but what I have been doing has been helping.  I tried to do a simple pelvic tilt today.  Surprisingly, it took me a few times to even figure out how to do it again and when I did do it properly, it was painful.  So I will leave it for another week.

I followed up with my family physician regarding my need for B12 shot and my blood work all came back normal.  This is great news. I know that eventually I will require a B12 shot but it’s nice to know that I’ve maintained over the past month with all my levels.  On another great note, I no longer experience heartburn, hives, irritable bowel, or stomach aches (obviously!) all of which I have been having for as long as I can remember.

So that’s about it for week five.  My life is slowly but surely returning to a new normal.  I am both looking forward and scared to learn about my pathology report on Wednesday.  I am 99.9% sure that I will have cured myself of stomach cancer but there is always that 0.1% chance that it spread to my lymph nodes.

Happy Canada Day weekend and Canada Day!







7 thoughts on “Post op week 5 update – Maintained weight!

  1. Oh man… The feeling of food getting stuck, that was the worst! But I definitely don’t get those anymore. The mucus that you spit up is pretty gross. Take it easy as you transition going back to work. Marne gave me some great advice: keep a spit cup in your car and in your office. You never know when you’re going to need it. Happy 5 weeks!

  2. Sounds like you are doing great Rachel, so glad to hear you are able to maintain your weight with minimal issues.

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