Relay for Life Success!!

Did I over do it last night? Most Definitely. Was it worth it? You betcha! Would I do it all over again? In a heartbeat.

All of my recovery at the hospital and at home has been leading up to the Relay for Life that occurred last night. On the way up to the Relay I was feeling a little fatigued but super excited to see everyone. My co-workers had gotten ahold of a wheelchair for me so I wouldn’t have to expend too much energy before I did my big walk. One of my friends pimped it out with boa’s and flowers. It was the most rocking wheelchair at the relay for sure! I don’t have the pictures yet but when they come I can update my post.

As soon as I arrived, I called for my wheelchair and my friend came running with it to pick me up. I could feel the excitement in the air. As I wheeled closer to the tents where our company was set up, I started to see co-workers who I hadn’t seen in the last couple of weeks. Even though I have only been off of work for two weeks, it sure felt like a lot longer.

Everyone was excited to see me and asked about my recovery. I was just as excited to see everyone. To my surprise, my company had created a large No Stomach for Cancer banner that was hung in front of our company tents. It was amazing and I loved it!


I took part in the ‘Survivor Photo’ for the relay and was chosen to release one of the four doves. It was an amazing experience and I am so lucky to have been a part of it. I was also able to talk to some survivors briefly as well and it was so inspirational. I also was able to eat some of the survivor dinner which consisted of pizza and pasta. I snacked on it during the opening ceremonies (they occur just before the start of the relay). I am sure that dinner helped me with what was about to occur next.


I was actually a little nervous to do the first lap. The past two weeks have been building up to this moment. My goal was to walk the whole 1st lap. When the lap began, I felt like this giant surge of energy and I was able to do the whole thing without getting winded. I was really surprised and super happy about it. The positive energy from everyone around me kept me going and I was even able to do the whole lap on the outer track! I finished near the back of the pack but it was all good!!


Surprisingly, I was able to last from 5:30-9:30pm at the Relay. It was the longest time I have been out since being discharged from the hospital. I felt really good at the time but wondered what I would feel like today.

So today I feel pretty good, I have incisional pain but I consider it more like incisional extreme pulling. It’s like I have done 1 million sit ups and the muscle just won’t release. I plan to do my best to take it easy today but I am a do-er and it’s really hard just to sit. I cannot believe how well I am recovering! I am sure it’s due to all the great support and positive energy surrounding me. Thanks everyone!!


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