X-Men and mutant genes

I had a fairly full day yesterday. Brandon and I decided that I was at the point where I could go to the movie theatre. I have been itching to see the new X-Men movie since it came out on the day I had my surgery.  Brandon and I really enjoy going to the movie theatre and we usually see the blockbusters on opening day.

We decided to see a matinee.  I thought this was good in case I got into any gut troubles and needed to go to the washroom.  It wasn’t busy at all and going in the afternoon was good because I have more energy during the day vs. the evenings.  Brandon explained to the person working at the snack counter that I just had my stomach removed and there would be NO way I’d be eating even the smallest bag of popcorn they had. So the employee was nice enough to give me just a cup full of popcorn with butter on it.

Unfortunately, I was unable to eat any of it during the movie because I had some gut issues about 15 minutes into the movie.  I couldn’t find a comfortable position because the chairs didn’t recline and that’s how I’ve pretty much been sitting for the past few weeks.  Eventually I found a sweet spot but in the process, I think I shifted around some gas created at lunch time and had some abdominal cramping.   Luckily it didn’t last long and I was back in the theatre after 10 minutes.

During the movie I got thinking.  Wait! I have a mutant gene too!  I may not have super powers but I now posses the ability to not vomit.  I can eat throughout the whole day and not gain any weight!  I will always look toned because my body will continually burn any excess fat storage for energy.  Life is good.

Before we went to the movie, I went outside and laid on the grass while Brandon finished up the fence around our vegetable garden. It was nice just to chill outside.

Our veggie garden!

Our veggie garden!

Getting on the ground was a little bit of an issue but I managed. I find if I contract my left obliques it feels like my innerds get sucked underneath my ribs and it is a really weird feeling.  As I heal more, I am confident this feeling will subside. Another odd feeling happens when I walk too fast or hit a bump while riding in a car.  It feels like my insides are jiggling around. I’m sure that is exactly what is happening as my intestines adjust to life without a stomach.

All and all another great day completed. I was a little afraid to go to the theatre because it would be one of my first big public outings but it was good.  I need to push myself just a little bit each day so I can recover faster.  I still don’t move very fast and I still get winded after simple activities.

Before I went to bed I did two sets of ten bilateral calf raises, and one set of unilateral calf raises in hopes that would help my night time leg issue.   I also drank a full glass of water one hour before going to bed. Huzzah! I think it worked because I woke up this morning without restless legs. Yay!

So today is the BIG day. Relay for Life. I am really really looking forward to seeing all my co-workers and challenging myself to walk the full lap of the track. Thank you all for your donations again. I have raised over $1200 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Stay tuned. Updates to follow 🙂



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