Home Sweet Home

I am home! Home! Home! Home!  Yay!  This morning, I awoke to the sun rising, not to a nurse waking me up to get my vitals, not to a person vomiting down the hall, and definitely not due to a noisy roommate.  It was wonderful.

Yesterday morning, I managed to wash my own hair over the bathtub as well as get dressed and pack up some of my stuff. By that time I finished, I was wiped and needed to rest.  The doctor came in around 10:00am and told me I was clear to go home. I asked her a few wound care questions and what I my restrictions were.  We were all very happy that I was going home today. Meanwhile, Brandon had already started his journey to pick me up in the van at 8:30am.  He arrived at 11:00am.  The gardiner expressway was a mess due to accidents and construction.  It was no big deal though, it’s not like I was going anywhere.

Brandon and I waited until 12:45pm before I could leave the hospital. The nurse still needed to see me to remove my last line (the one that connects you to an IV should you need it), as well as give me discharge instructions.  The porter came at 1pm and we were off.  I stopped at the pharmacy on the way out of the hospital to fill my prescriptions because it would be the worst to get home and then need pain meds and have nothing!!  I took a morphine before we left the hospital because I knew it was going to be a potentially long ride home.

As we were leaving I snapped this quick picture of my room.  Note the white rabbit on my bed. It’s name is “Splint”.  It was a gift from my brother but a lifesaver.  I slept with it every night to splint my abdomen and also used it whenever I went traveling in the wheelchair. Bumps are the worst.  It is currently sitting under my keyboard as I sit reclined on my recovery couch.  You are NEVER too old for stuffed animals.


My accommodations for 12 days

As I got into the van, I reclined the chair and put Splint on my lap and buckled us both in.  It must have looked really funny but honestly, I could have cared less because I’m being held together by stitches at the moment and if we had hard stop, I’d hate to see what would be left of me. The ride home was pretty slow but we made it and I was in my own home by 3:30pm.  Navigating the four steps to get into my house was an adventure but I did it. My legs have atrophied really bad and I really need to get moving more, but one step at a time!   Getting into my own bed was also a difficult task. Since I sleep on the left side of my bed and most of the surgery was on my left side (left obliques cut), I am super hesitant to move that way and it resulted in me crawling into bed and then somehow rolling over.  During the process Brandon asked, “are you okay??”.  I must have looked like some sort of beached whale.

My family dropped by around 6:30pm with food. My mom had spent all day cooking for me and left me with all of this food and then some. Best mom ever!!  My brother told me that I had lost so much weight that I looked like a preteen. Thanks dude. Haha.


Mom prepared this plate for me. Grilled veggies, potato salad, and ham.  Believe it or not, I managed to finish it all by the end of the night.   It all went down and a lot easier than the hospital food.


I also had a visit from my mother in law. She has been taking care of our house and my rabbit during this whole time and I am super thankful for that.   I was able to come home to a spotless clean house thanks to her.

It was a big day and I was wiped by the end of it.  I now know why everyone talks about lack of energy post total gastrectomy.  It’s frustrating but I understand why it must be this way and I must remember not to push it too fast. I keep my hospital bracelet on to remind myself to take it slow.

So I have made three big plans for myself today.

1) Take a shower – a REAL shower!!

2) Go downtown to get cheese from McGuires Cheese – I am soooo excited. Cheese!!!!

3) Catch up on Game of Thrones with a few friends

I am itching to see friends and family.  I am looking forward to the next two months recovering at home. I know every day is better than the one before.

Carpe diem!


3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. yeah! grilled veggies! I have lots of trouble w/ uncooked vegetables.. grilled ones are the perfect summer side dish 🙂

  2. Great idea with keeping the bracelet on! As per my style, that was gone right before I left, probably indicative of me trying to get back to “normal” as fast as I can, I think, to my detriment. Way to take it slow and steady. It already looks like you’re doing way better than I did!

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