Post op day 9 – Thickened fluids!

Yesterday I had a fantastic day! Probably one of my best days yet.  I had a lot of friends come by and it really helped make the hospital stay seem less routine.

I was cleared for thickened fluids in the morning and all went well for the most part.  I had an issue with the cream of wheat for breakfast though.


Because I was brought a carton of milk, I thought I’d water it down with the milk but before I ate it I took a lactaid pill.  Huge mistake. I had the gas pain all over again and had to lie down.  I went to sleep for an hour and woke up to the sight of two good friends. It was almost like they sent their energy into me because I instantly felt better and well enough to go outside. I decided to bail on the lactaid pills for the rest of my life.

The dietitian says I’ll still be lactose intolerant after surgery because the enzyme that breaks down the lactose is released in the small intestine but I’m optomistic that it may change. Afterall, it was only really cows milk that bothered me and the pain was in my stomach!

The rest of the day was great though. Hung out with Brandon and my parents.  Also chilled with Alex at night.  All and all a great day.

At night, the doctor came for his usual evening visit and told me I didn’t need the IV line anymore and because the food went down so well, I could start on solids today!  I was so excited.

Once the line was out, Alex and I walked the halls while Brandon followed.  It was a taste of freedom.  One less line, one step closer to going home!

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