Post op day 10 – Christmas day all over again!

I woke up this morning, well rested and feeling almost normal, aside from the gigantic incision across my abdomen. Today was going to be MY day! I had a fairly solid sleep last night. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling hungry and needed to sit up and drink some water to ease the hungry/nauseated feeling. After this, I felt pretty good and was able to get back to sleep.

I woke up the second time to the doctor doing her morning rounds. She mentioned that today I would be starting….wait for it…SOLID FOODS!!! I was super, super excited. She also said that the kitchen would prepare a dairy free meal for me. I was really excited to say the least.

Instead of going for my usual walk after the doctor’s visit, I tried to bathe myself. Maybe this is too much information, but my armpits looked like a jungle!! I just had to get up and attempt to shave them. I hit another milestone because I was able to independently wash myself (not hair) with sponge bath. It took about 30 mins but I did it. After cleaning, I was wiped! I had to take a rest. The things you take for granted.

I tried to go back to sleep but at 9am it came…my breakfast tray! I sat up and looked and saw this.


Cheese! Cereal! Muffin! I immediately went for the cheese because I have been thinking about it for a long time. Even though I am allergic to dairy, I have found that some is better than others. I have been spoiled by having access to McGuire’s Cheese (a speciality cheese shop at home) and normally just eat cheese from there; however, this small slice of Cracker Barrel was the just the best thing ever. I went with protein first as well because the dietitian said it is better to eat protein before sugary foods and the next thing to eat was my multigrain cheerios. I alternated between the cheese and the cereal for the next hour and managed to finish all the cheese and about four spoonfuls of cereal. Even the soggy cereal was wonderful. I know that in a few years I’ll read back on this and think that I am crazy but for now, it’s all good! I watched Despicable Me during breakfast to help pace myself. Some parts of that movie are so funny and I had to splint with my trusty stuffed rabbit to avoid the pain of laughing.

My roommate was discharged today and I was really happy for her. She was a wonderful roommate and definitely a person with a lot of courage and strength. When she had a good day, I had a good day, when she had a bad day, I had a bad day. We were on the same wavelength. Every morning we would wake up and ask, “So, how was your night? Did you sleep? How do you feel this morning”. That would set the pace for the day. I am grateful to have been able to meet her and her family. Her battle with cancer will continue but I know she will be strong and win the battle!

My room was really quiet for most of the afternoon not having a roommate anymore. My friend came to visit me and we had a nice chat before Brandon showed up. Soon enough it was lunch time and Christmas all over again! I received this for lunch:


After a good hour, this is what it looked like:


I have learned how to eat properly. In the past, I could eat my whole dinner or lunch in about 10 minutes. In retrospect, I don’t even think I tasted the food. I think I just inhaled it. Now that I have to chew everything to a paste before I swallow, I have learned to appreciate the taste and textures of food.

I was pretty wiped after the morning’s activities and needed to rest for about two hours. Around 5pm my parents showed up and Brandon was relieved from duty. He stuck around for dinner though.

I know I am eating hospital food, and I am sure to anyone else, it would be disgusting. However, this has been like fine dining for me. Every meal is a surprise and it is all awesome.

Here’s a picture of me eating dinner. This is what it has been like for me for every meal thus far. I have also be come VERY protective of my food and I leave notes on my tray’s for the dietary aides not to take my tray in case I fall asleep when they come around. It takes me about 45 min to an hour to get through most of a meal.


I still get hungry and I still crave food. I don’t know when I am full which is the hard part because I just eat until I feel uncomfortable. Even though I still feel hungry, my system is actually full and I need to stop or I get a ‘stomach ache’. I currently weight 114lbs.

The greatest news of the day came at the end. During my evening meeting with the physician, she told me that I am clear to go home tomorrow!!! She is going to check in with me tomorrow morning to be sure but everything is looking good.

I am super excited to get home to my own bed. I am terrified about mobility in bed because I will no longer have bed rails and my obliques on the left are shot due to surgery. But I’ll get there. I am for sure going to be going to physiotherapy when I have enough energy to shower myself. Haha.


6 thoughts on “Post op day 10 – Christmas day all over again!

  1. So glad you are able to eat and go home. I would love to come and visit. I’ll check first. Love, Aunt Geri

  2. Keep it up! Sounds like you are doing really well, hope your transition home is smooth and you are able to get your first peaceful nights sleep since the hustle and bustle of the hospital.

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