Post op day 6 and day 7 – Learned I can’t vomit

The rest of post op day 6 went downhill real fast. I don’t remember much but I crashed hard. I was nauseous all night and needed anti-nauseant. It was horrible. I was up every 2 hours walking the halls which I thought would pass gas causing the nausea.

The next day I was completely drained. Back to nothing by mouth as instructed by the Dr. Which was good because I was too scared to eat anything. Clear fluids which was so glorious was now my worst enemy.

I felt just awful all day. It really sucks when you’re go to strategy for nausea in the past was to just throw up and now you can’t.  I discovered that last night. It is also really bad that I do that because it can ruin the join of my esophagus to my small intestine.   The doctors don’t like heaving. 

I sat up in the chair all day and slept with my head on the wall  beside me or the rolling tray in front of me. I couldn’t lie in bed because it made me heave. I would break sweats everytime I moved. All and all it really sucked and I never want to live that day again.

Thankfully,  last night my dr said he would give me some electrolytes through my IV and that instantly made me feel better.   I guess all the days work really drained me. The nausea went away. Yay!!

I was able to sleep through the night with help from my morphine pain meds.  I woke up every 3 hours to go to the washroom.

Dr said clear fluids again. It’s the only way they  can see if I’m healing properly at the join (espohages to jejunum).  I’m going to go easy with it. He said I may get nauseous again but it’s the only way to check if I’m healing correctly.

I’m optomistic about today. After all it’s the weekend!!


5 thoughts on “Post op day 6 and day 7 – Learned I can’t vomit

  1. Two steps forward…one step back…..two steps forward…one step back…..this may be your dance for a bit…but your attitude and determination will keep you moving continuously in the right direction. Hugs, Dianne ❤

  2. Hi Rachel,
    So sorry to read about your bout with nausea. Between pain and nausea, I don’t know which is worse……..
    Back in 95 and in 96 I had a section of my colon removed due to it being perforated. I ended up with a colostomy bag until I was put back together in 96. I also went through constant nausea until they put me on a drug called Stematil. Gravol actually makes me worse and taking the stematil was like a miracle. You’re constantly in our thoughts and hope you’ll be able to make it home soon
    Love, Ron and Iris

  3. Wow, they sure do things differently in T.O. my mom wasn’t allowed to take anything in for 7 days at which point she then had a swallow test with an X-Ray to make sure there are no leaks. I hope you are doing well, sounds like it’s a lot of ups and downs for you at this point!

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