Post op day 6 Part 1 – I’m a patient not an electrician

Note: there are graphic images in this post. Please skip the pictures if you have a weak stomach.

Good morning!

Last night I was up late writing my blog and snacking on jello because jello gives me an instant energy boots. Like mario eating a mushroom and growing larger!

Big mistake.

I woke up at 530 am drenched in sweat, feeling nauseous,  and overall not well. So, I went to the washroom and I just about froze because I was so wet before. Then back to bed.

When the Dr’s came in this morning, I let them know about my stupidity from the night before. We decided that clear fluids for another day would be good.  I will not eat the jello here again. Once fool on you,  twice fool on me.  We also discussed that I’ll for sure be here over the weekend. We may try thickened fluids tomorrow.  Mom brought me won ton soup without the solids and home made jello for breakfast.   No issues!

My epidural was pulled out at 10:15am by my anesthesiologist.  He is awesome and I see him 2x a day.  I asked if we could take a picture, so the resident went to try but ended up taking a video. The anesthesiologist was like, “here I’ll do it, you need to push this button”.  When he left he joked about me getting home in time to watch the FIFA wold cup.  It sure feels great to have that line out!! Here is a picture of what was in my spine.

Note: if you don’t like graphic images, scroll past this. It is really graphic.



The whole wire was in my spine

My back feels a lot better now. I have one less line and I more line to freedom. No more huge tape and line to worry about. The epidural always scared me a little because it was in my spine for so long and I was afraid it could move.

My day just kept getting better! So then this happened.

I thought I could figure out how to plug the hospital TV in.  Just a cable into a cable right?  There were some free channels that I may get. 

I stuck the copper wire into the cable hole and a spark flew and I got a small jolt.  When I looked at the end of the copper wire and it was completely melted off.  I just lost it. Mom was here and we burst out laughing.  It was so funny.  It hurt a lot but then I started laughing at the pain.  It was probabaly a had to be there moment but sooo funny. 


Where is the copper wire? Oh yeah, I melted it off.

So today is a rest day. Eat properly. Let my abs heal from my laughing circle. Visit with friends and family.

Lunch time in one hour! I still get hungry. Weird!!!!

Will post more later.


5 thoughts on “Post op day 6 Part 1 – I’m a patient not an electrician

  1. Wow I had no idea that’s what the epidural looked like! I never got to see mine in hospital.. Good thing I didn’t cause that would have freaked me out! Sounds like you’re making great progress.. Keep losing those tubes ๐Ÿ™‚

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