Day 5- Jello has never been better

Hey all!

As you can see, I’m back and I’m writing my own post since May 24.  I will try to keep it brief since typing on my phone is really tiring for some reason.   I usually rest it on something as I write to try conserve energy.   Sorry for typos.

Today was a glorious day!! I woke up a few times to go to the washroom and each time was easier than the last.  No more 40 minute pees. I celebrate everything here if you haven’t already noticed.

I’ve started to get into a routine for my hospital day and it is working out well.  It has been this for the past two days:
1) Wake up at 7:00am to the nurse checking vitals (BP, O2 sat, temperature, resp rate and finally my fav numeratic pain rating scale)
2) Talk to Dr’s doing rounds.   Consists of a feļlow or senior resident plus 1 junior resident. Discuss pain level and milestones (passed any gas? Bowel movements?)
3) Get up and walk the floor 1 lap and 1 lap of the ward. Urinate once before and after.
4) Sanitize pole and hands before reentering the room
5) Speak to Anesthesiologist about pain
6) Speak with Nurse practitioner who may alter my IV fluids and possibly lower epidural if I saw anesthesiologist first.
7) Brush teeth
8) Go lie in bed for an hour until Mom or Brandon arrives to replenish energy.
9) Sponge bath when they arrive. I can’t shower yet because of the epidural.
10) Nap because all that cleaning takes major energy.

I try to rest in bed for at least an hour because I want to have the most energy for visitors that come after 2pm. After I get out of bed, I’m always really slow and quickly winded. So I go for another walk to open up my lungs and get my system running.

Today was an awesome day for many reasons.  After I met with the doctors and laid down, I heard the cafeteria cart coming down the hall. Normally the dietary aide just walks past me with the food but today was MY day. Clear Fluids!!!!!!! I heard him put the tray down and as soon as he was gone, I sat up as fast as I could and saw food!!


All pink sponges that I thought were the best thing in the world since sliced bread were now super disgusting and instantly were discarded.   I have never been happier to have jello in my life.  It was the best jellow ever – even if I only ate 1/6 of the cup. 

I felt really tired after that meal, so I had a quick nap. But it was worth it. For lunch, I had beef consume, jello (gave it to Brandon), and juice.

I knew the juice has too much sugar – so now I water it down a lot before I drink it. Since the Dr told me to start slow, I ate the soup over a 2.5 hour period. It was great, no issues. Dangled on the bed the whole time. The dietitians came to visit me just as I was finishing my soup and they said that I could eat it over a 15 min period. They said “there is slow and then there is extremely slow”. It was funny. They also reminded me about nutrition post gastrectomy. I’ll have to watch for iron and B12 deficiency. When the afternoon rounds came, I told the Dr’s about my soup time and they laughed and said you can go faster than my 2.5 hours. It was only a cup of broth and I should be fine to eat it in 15 minutes.

This afternoon, I got a new roomate who I love and I’ve only been with her for half a day.   She’s a tough Portuguese woman with a huge loving family.  She must have had at least 15 visitors today and she had just come out of surgery! ! She kept saying she needed to sleep but then would keep talking to her family. We kept all curtains open all day because they wanted me to get some sunlight because I’m in the room near the door.

My epidural was decreased again today to 3ml per hour. From 9 to 3 in 3 days is great. The anesthesiologist said it will come out tomorrow. Yes!! It is taped to my spine and now it is getting extremely hot when I move. Try taping packaging tape all over your back and then sit with it for 6 days and you’ll understand. Epidural out means shower!!

It is now 11:25pm and I am going to do one more walk before I hit the sack. Today was great and tomorrow even better because I may get solid food!!!! OMG my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Hahaha.

Goodnight all!


4 thoughts on “Day 5- Jello has never been better

  1. Morning Rachel. Thank you for doing this blog and keeping us all updated in such detail. Your blog and it’s humour, determination and spirit have become an important part of my day. Keep up the awesome progress. Hugs, Dianne

  2. Rachel you are totally amazing. I hope you never stop writing your blog. I had to stop the Globe and Mail and your blog is even better. Always thinking about you and hope to see you soon. Gentle hug and much love Aunt Geri😘

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