Day 3 and 4 – Progress!

Day 3 – Monday May 26th, 2014

documented May 27, 2014 at 7:58pm

Today I spoke with the doctor in the morning and was told that they were going to remove the catheter. However since I was still on the epidural, the medical staff thought that I wouldn’t be able to go to the bathroom due to urinary retention effects from the epidural.  Between 10am and 6pm I was able to go to the bathroom two times, each trip yielding around 250mL of urine (about a cup of fluid).

The first time on the washroom took 40 minutes… due to sheer determination to urinate.  (she thought 250mL was enough to show that she didn’t need the catheter).. …

Here are some successful strategies for optimal urinary output:

1. Running tap water to stimulate visceral reflexes

Fun Fact: Japan has toilets to help you pee by running water inside the bowl

“Where’s the flush button”

2. Thinking about waterfalls,

3. Making audible water running noises

4. Three sets of 10 marches on spot would help yield urine output


While these methodologies are hilarious…they were working and the yellow waterworks were flowing!  Unfortunately it was not enough volume to obtain the “tube-free bladder pass”… so the nurses scanned my bladder to check how much urine was remaining and removed 800mL via In/Out catheter.  Since I was outputting urine regularly on my own they decided to remove the catheter… woot!

At 11:30am I had to goto the bathroom for 30min … Whilst I was occupato I read facebook and checked messages, wrote responses and caught up with friends on the can haha (now you know!) 300mL urination again… wasn’t quite enough but the nurses didn’t want to do In/Out catheter yet..still too early.

At 1:40am they woke me up told me go to washroom.  400mL urine output this time. They scanned my bladder again which showed only 280mL left inside so no more In/Out catheter!

On an important note: I passed gas three times during the day. Much relief…

Day 4 – Tuesday May 27th, 2104

This morning was all about mobility. From lying in bed I could move to the following positions:

  • Lie-to-Sit
  • Sit-to-Stand,
  • move to unplug IV pole (engaging some core muscles to pull plug out of wall socket)
  • get up by self
  • goto washroom by self
  • including walking around ward by self.

My walking route would travel to south side of ward, back around, lap around south side , half lap of the south ward, and back to the room.

“Outta the way usain!”


The doctors spoke with me and said I was doing extremely well and said I can take clear fluids! Also, the epidural will come out on Thursday! Great news!  By then it was 8am/9am and I felt tired so I took a nap.  My mom arrived around 10am, when I woke up I attempted another washroom break, more steady outflow. Mom washed my hair (which was not washed since four days ago, post op-4 days) which felt excellent.

I gave myself a spongebath through 3/4 of body downward from what I could reach. Mom washed my face and I went to bed (I was feeling pretty tired after that).

I woke up at 1:50pm~2pm when Brandon arrived.. got up and was visited by more friends.  Since I had been resting a lot, I had some energy so I got up and moved outside with the help of a wheelchair. Once through the elevator I made my way outside for 5min (sunny and warm/fresh air!) and walked back to elevator and sat back in the wheelchair.

Back up to floor 14…I sat in wheelchair for 30min.. then went for walk for 1 Lap to the nurses station on the south side, around back to my room, and sat in chair for awhile. After talking with friends until 4pm I moved back on to my bed.
6:00pm~6:30pm.. woke up went to the washroom and noticed my IV was leaking… Once the nurse arrived they moved IV to other hand which felt ok but painful since line has been in that location since surgery day. I Noticed large rash on bum so nurses administered full dose of liquid bag of Benadryl. They assured me that wouldn’t knock me out.. but it did…

So lots accomplished today! Soon ill be able to have some liquid meals! Time to rest.

The Epidural went form 9mL/hr day 1, 7mL/hr day 2, 5mL/hr day 3…. will proceed to 3mL/hr tomorrow (May28-14) … I’m 99% sure Thursday epidural will be removed!
Oh! by the way The Sponge on a stick is the best thing ever.


3 thoughts on “Day 3 and 4 – Progress!

  1. I literally laughed out loud reading about the urination woes! I totally remember having trouble going to the bathroom for days and having to imagine a large bucket of Dr. pepper and a long road trip. Too funny! Glad you’re up and about and in good spirits!
    P.s. Your toilets in Canada are fancy!

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