Less than 24 hours to go….

I thought about not writing a blog today but I am sure a lot of my friends and family are wondering how I am doing the day before my surgery.  I am actually doing surprisingly well at the moment. Of course there are waves of nervousness and fear but I have been able to compartmentalize those feelings for the most part.

Brandon and I debated back and forth about staying in a hotel tonight in the big city but we decided against it.  If I am going to have an issue sleeping tonight, I’d rather have it in the comfort of my own home.  We will have to get up very early tomorrow to be at the hospital for 7am but we will aim for 6am.  The major highway to get into the city is under construction and who knows what traffic that will bring.  My surgical time is for 9am.

I am spending today with Brandon doing odd jobs that need to be done before I am out of commission.  We are finishing up the fence for our spectacular vegetable garden and I am working on filling out all the appropriate paperwork for when I am off of work.  I am also hoping to assemble a playlist for our drive to the hospital.  Brandon and I are planning to go out for lunch this afternoon and I’ll probably be to nervous to eat a big meal tonight.  It’s all good though, I have spent the last month eating like a queen.  Over the past week a few of my friends have taken me out for lunch and each time it has resulted in a massive stomach ache but well worth it!!

I am more than ready for this surgery.  I debate about if I am doing the correct thing at times because we don’t really know the long, long term effects of living without a stomach but the reality is if I leave it in, I may not even make it that long.  If I left it in and the cancer got worse…then I would for sure regret not making this decision sooner.  Plus the younger you are, the faster you will bounce back.

One of my friends posted a quote on her facebook a day after I received my CDH1 positive result.  It read:

“Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us”

This quote pretty much sums up my journey thus far.  Life is an adventure and you just have to embrace what comes your way because it all happens for a reason.  If it’s not clear a the time, it will become clear at some point later on.  I have received so much support and love from family and friends. I have heard from friends I haven’t spoken to in years.  I have become part of the CDH1 blogging community which has resulted in some awesome new friendships. The strength from others has given me so much more strength going into surgery tomorrow.  I know everyone is rooting and praying for me.   Everything will be okay.

So after today, I am handing the reigns of my blog off to Brandon and my family until I am well enough to be back online.  I have told him that he MUST update my blog periodically tomorrow or else he will be flooded with texts and phone calls.

I’ll catch you all on the flip side! See you in a few days, stomach cancer free!!

*High five*


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