Trip #6 and…..a CONFIRMED surgical date!!!

Last Tuesday, I completed my 6th trip to the big city.  My meeting with the dietitian.  It was a good meeting and she provided me with a bunch of information to ease the transition from stomach to no stomach.  A lot of the information was a review but it was nice to hear it all again.  We discussed topics such as: simple sugars vs. complex sugars, sources of protein, dumping syndrome, and the digestive tract.  A requirement for my undergraduate degree was KIN/HLTH 346 – Human Nutrition.  At the time, it was just that, a mandatory class.  But hindsight 20/20 and I am so thankful to have this background knowledge going into surgery.  On the same note, I am also to glad to have taken third year molecular biology as an elective, although I was cursing myself at the time.  Again, everything for a reason.

After the meeting, I walked up to the surgeon’s office to speak with the office administrator.  I wanted to meet her face to face because up until this point, we had only communicated by phone or email.  She didn’t have a surgical date for me that day but let me know I would know by Wednesday because the surgeon was away on conference and returning that day.  She also apologized again for everything that has happened with my surgical date.

Wed came and went…no word.  Thursday passed…still no word.  Friday morning at 10:14am, I received an email with the subject heading, “We Are CONFIRMED!!!”.  The body of the email read, “May 23 is the FIRM date!!!”.  I could just hear the enthusiasm from the office admin screaming out of my computer.

I thought that everything was feeling pretty real before I had the confirmed surgical date but it became A LOT more real after I received that email.  Last post I was joking about how I wouldn’t believe it until it actually happened. I actually fully believe it now.

I’m now at five days.  Paper work for my last day of work (Wed) has been submitted by my employer.  Brandon has booked off work starting Thursday for the next three to four weeks.  My immediate family is making plans of who is coming to visit me the weekend after surgery.  My friends are all wishing me the best of luck for surgery and positive vibes because I won’t see a lot of them until after my stomach is gone.  I have become increasingly paranoid about getting sick over the next five days.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t scared.  Who wouldn’t be scared?  One of your major organs is being removed from your body.  I think became too comfortable knowing I have the cancer in my stomach and started to believe it wasn’t getting any worse in order to ease the anxiety about not having a surgical date.  But the reality is this, my stomach is trying to kill me.  It needs to go.

So here’s to the next five days and eating as much as I physically can!!

Walleye with spring greens drizzled with a strawberry relish on garlic mashed pototaes - From Pepperwoods Bistro

Walleye with spring greens drizzled with a strawberry relish on garlic mashed pototaes – From Pepperwoods Bistro

Dessert at Crema Di Gelato

Followed by dessert at Crema Di Gelato

Superberry Gelato from Crema Di Gelato

My ‘Superberry Gelato’ from Crema Di Gelato




2 thoughts on “Trip #6 and…..a CONFIRMED surgical date!!!

  1. Oh man! That walleye looks amazing, I’ve never had it before so it’s definitely going on the list of things to try if I ever visit Canada. Oh, if you have trouble with ice cream post-surgery, I think I’ve discovered the recipe for the best sugar-free ice cream yet! It’s been a constant experiment for me, but I think I’ve figured out the proper ratios!

    • Awesome!! I’ll for sure have to get that from you when I’m home from the hospital. The other day I froze bananas and then blended them for my mom and she said she felt fine. It looked just like ice cream!

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