No time but the present

Hey everyone!  Last week I was going to post two times and I totally got caught up with life and forgot to do the second one.  So today I will do a double post and talk about two different and very exciting things! Yay!!

Waiting for a surgical date had pros and cons.  Yes, you read correctly, I wrote was…which means I do have a date now!  But more on that later.  After the plague and Easter passed, my mind was back to getting on with my normal life.  I work as a floating physiotherapist covering clinics when the regular physio is unable to work.  This is a fantastic job and I really enjoy the variety of it.  Unfortunately the surgery kerfuffle that happened two weeks ago affected my job.  All of my shifts that I was working were removed because we thought I was going into surgery.  By the time I found out it was cancelled, those clinics no longer required coverage.  What do you do when you’re the back up but you have the most unreliable schedule?   Fortunately, a couple shifts have been added since then but my schedule was still really light.

However, the week of April 20 – 26th was the week of “no procrastination”.  When you don’t know when you will be called in for surgery, you tend to get things done a lot faster.   This was a big plus for not having a date.  My mom got her entire garden weeded and prepared to plant in one day because being on call means she is also on call.  My house was spotless for an entire week.  We were in good shape!

I thought that not having a surgical date would be less stressful because I wouldn’t have time to stress about the actual surgery.  It turns out that those two weeks were two of the most stressful weeks I have experienced since finding out I tested positive for the CDH1 genetic mutation.  Each day that passed was another day where your mind could play games on you and I started to feel like a ticking time bomb again.  I tried to compartmentalize those feelings but sometimes you can’t help it.  So on April 28th I emailed the office administrator at Mount Sinai asking what was going on but also not to seem too demanding because you don’t want to anger the people who are going to be cutting you open.

I must have written a pretty stellar email because I received a surgical date on that same day.  They set it for May 20th, it seemed too good to be true.  It was one week later then my original surgical date of May 12th.  How could they book me so fast in May when they already moved my previous May date because of a surgical conflict?  I didn’t tell too many people about it because I was afraid they were going to change it again.  Sure enough, two days ago (April 30),  I received an email stating the date was moved again to May 23rd.

This time I meant business, so I called the admin at Mount Sinai to see how sure they were that this was the date.  Sometimes it is hard to convey your feelings in an email and I didn’t want to seem too aggressive.  I dialed the number and waited for the admin to pick up.  The admin picked up, “Hello Mount Sinai, Dr. ___ office”.  “Hello, my name is Rachel O..”.  She immediately responded, “Oh, I’m afraid to talk to you”.  We both had a good laugh and I explained to her that all the date changes have been really difficult for myself and my work place and I asked her what the odds were that this date would be changing again.  She said it was, “very low”.  I asked her if I could tell others that this IS actually the date and she said, “Yes, it is safe to tell people now”.   So my surgical date is now…..drum roll….

May 23rd

I like it better than May 20th anyways. Here in Canada, May 17th weekend is a long weekend and the first day back to work would be May 20th.  I’d rather have people operate me on a Friday of a short week then a Tuesday after returning from a long weekend.  So I’m planning for May 23rd but in my mind, I won’t fully 100% believe it until I am on the table.



2 thoughts on “No time but the present

  1. I’m glad to hear you have a new date. The philosophy I have learned about drs and hospitals is that you need to be ready to hurry up but then wait and appointments should only ever be penciled in.

    Sending you positive thoughts.


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