3.5 Weeks and counting to ONE DAY and counting to ??

In the last 24 hours I have experienced a variety of emotions.  It all began with an email and voicemail that I received at 5:30pm last night. It was from the surgeon’s clinical assistant notifying me that there had been a change in the operating room schedule and my May 12 day was no longer available.  As of now, there was no other time in May to reschedule me at this point.  That being said, there was an availability in the operating room for tomorrow.  She wanted to let me know that the surgeon would be calling me later that night to discuss if I my availability as I was given first refusal.

I immediately went into preparation mode calling my husband as well as my parents to notify them of the news and also to discuss the course of action.  I wanted to call them ASAP and beat my surgeon so I could give her an answer right when she called me.  Me being a git’r done sort of person, I decided that no better time but the present.  I also called my boss to let her know what was happening.  The only thing that was affecting my decision was that I am still jet lagged from the trip and fighting a minor cold.

The hours between 5:30pm and 9:00pm were extremely stressful.  Brandon had to make all the appropriate calls to his work place to arrange his work schedule for today as he was originally scheduled to work.  He wanted to have the day off so we could spend time with each other to get things done before the surgery.  I put my parents on standby because they are accompanying me (along with Brandon of course!) during the surgery.  They then put their Easter plans on hold.  I called work and asked for the day off because I also wanted to get a few things sorted out.  I didn’t have time to even think about the surgery.

Last night my cell signal was very bad and was putting my calls straight to voice mail between the hours of 7-9:00pm.  I did not realize this until 8:30pm which lead to a little bit of a melt down.  When I picked up my phone to check to see if anyone had called, four people had called and one of those messages were not saved because apparently my voice mail box only holds three messages.  I was really worried that the fourth phone call was the surgeon.  I frantically searched Google and miraculously found her work email (thanks Google!).  I was able to email her and provide a different phone number in order to get a hold of me.  I also called her office and emailed her clinical assistant to explain the situation.  Thankfully at 9:00pm, the surgeon called me.  Turns out she didn’t even attempt to call earlier because she was still working.  Phewf!

We discussed the Jet Lag and the minor cold and she let me know that if my cold didn’t turn to a fever I would be good to go for Thursday.  She let me know to contact her clinical assistant by 11am today to let them know how I was feeling and to give the final confirmation.  I called my parents back to let them know what was going on as well as texted my boss.  I then went directly to bed to try kick this cold.  I woke up a few times during the night, mainly because I am still Jet Lagged but also I had a lot on my mind about what I had to do today to get prepared.

This morning, I was feeling much much better so I emailed my surgeon back as well as her clinical assistant to confirm that I was good to go.  Brandon made the appropriate phone calls to get himself lined up to be off of work for the next two weeks.  I called my parents who then cancelled Easter plans as well as their plans for that day.  We then called/texted/messaged all of our friends to let them know that I was going in for surgery tomorrow.  Then we went out for my stomach’s final breakfast and dropped by my work’s head office to thank everyone for their support and to give updates.  All was well and we were set to go!  Mentally, I was super ready and looking forward to getting it all over with.

As soon as we pulled into our driveway after our morning adventures, a phone call came from the clinical assistant.  My surgery has been cancelled due to a staffing issue. They were sincerely sorry and I was put back on a waiting list with first refusal.

I think I experienced more emotions over the following five minutes then I have this whole five months.  Of course we were both disappointed. Then we were upset that I would have to wait again.  Then angry that we just told everyone and made appropriate plans which were now not necessary.  I was actually more upset about telling all my friends, co-workers, and family and now having to tell them that it was a false alarm.  My cell phone was buzzing all morning with well wishes for a speedy recovery.  This still bothers me but I am trying to get over it.  Things like this happen and it was 100% out of my control so I shouldn’t blame myself.  But I am still very sorry for freaking out my friends and family today as well as creating a lot of unnecessary work for my employer as well as Brandon’s employer.

The funny thing is that Brandon and I are not good at being angry for a long time.  In fact, we are not good at being angry at all.  About 10 minutes after the phone call came, we gave each other hugs while saying, “We are SOOO angry” but we were smiling and laughing about at the same time.  By 11am, we were back to our regular life.

We took advantage of our day off and went to see the new Captain America movie as well as catch up with Game of Thrones.  As the day progressed I was able to reflect on what had happened over the past 24 hours.

Even though it is unfortunate that the surgery was cancelled, I am now able to fully get rid of this cold as well as regain the weight I lost in Japan.  I was also able to see Captain America.  I also get to participate in Easter festivities as well as eat copious amounts of Easter chocolate and Ham this weekend.  I might even get some time to blog about my Japan trip!!  The stars didn’t align for me today, but everything happens for a reason and there was a reason why the surgery didn’t happen today.

So I don’t have a surgery date anymore.  I’m on high priority on the cancellation list.  The office estimates that I will have the surgery within the next month or so.  As much as this is unfortunate that I don’t have a date anymore, I am actually glad it is working out this way.  Now, I won’t have as much time to stress about the surgery coming up as it will likely be last-minute.  I’ve already been through it once and I was totally okay.




6 thoughts on “3.5 Weeks and counting to ONE DAY and counting to ??

  1. Wow! What a craaaazy adventure you’ve been on! I was getting anxious just reading about your experience. So sorry that you’re now in surgical limbo. Hopefully they can get their act together so you and your family can plan your life around it. Angry in your behalf! At least you got to spend some extra time together, that’s really cool. The night before surgery Kate and I left our daughter with grandma and grandpa and had a great final dinner and night together before surgery and that was huge for us.

  2. Wow Rachel, what a roller coaster of emotions you had to go through! 😦 Just reading this I felt so anxious, scared, excited, disappointed, angry and relieved, then hopeful -only a fraction of what you must have felt! I love how you look at the bright side, and things do happen for the perfect reason. Enjoy your Easter festivities girl! Ps. I can still take you out later for your favourite food 😀
    Thanks for posting Rachel, see you soon!
    Love, Jane

  3. Wow! I would NOT have handled this drama as well as you. Impressed at your ability to just roll with it! Hope they get you a date soon. Thanks for posting 🙂

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