Surgery = an excuse to buy a new sofa

Our economy couch

Our economy couch

This is one of the two couches we have in our house.  We bought a sofa and a love seat when we moved in together in 2011.  At that time we didn’t have any furniture so we picked up the nicest looking but also cheapest couches we could find at the Brick.  Two years later, we realize why they were the cheapest couches.

You can see from the photo that the cushions are falling off the front of the couch.  Because I am small, when the cushions slide forward, Brandon likes to wedge me into the couch, haha.  This lead to my daily ritual of pushing the cushions back before sitting down.  This happened about 2-3x a day.  Not only do the cushions slide out, but I almost disappear when I sit down on the couch due to the sag.  Okay that is an exaggeration but still you get what I mean.

When we found out that I would be having surgery this Spring, we decided it was a great excuse to purchase a sectional couch for my recovery.  Also by ‘we’, I mostly mean me.  Haha.  Today it was delivered and I am super excited about it.  So excited, that I decided to blog about it.  P.S. When I was 16, I never would have dreamed about being excited about a couch, funny how priorities change.

Here is the couch that I will be spending a good portion of my day on when I get home from the hospital.


Looks very inviting, doesn’t it?  And on that note, I’m going to kick back and relax.


5 thoughts on “Surgery = an excuse to buy a new sofa

  1. Oh man, the couch is money for recovery. I sleep better when I’m sitting up because it doesn’t pull as bad on the stitches so I’ve been spending a lot of time on the couch. Solid purchase. 👌

  2. The sectional is where its at for recovery– good choice! Steve is right, putting your feet up and sitting more upright is easier on the core!

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