Part 2: Trip #5 down, 7.5 weeks left to go and a big bowl of Ramen!!

What’s that you say….only one poke? What?  You got it!!  I had the easiest time ever giving blood for the pre-op blood work.  Before I went in to get poked, Brandon ran me through a series of arm and wrist exercises to increase circulation to my arms and it worked.  I avoided any caffeine that morning and also drank plenty of water. The tech had no problem finding a vein and the blood was taken in no time.  I was pretty pumped afterwards and came dancing out of the blood lab to meet back up with Brandon.  I think we’re onto something and I know what I’ll be doing before I get my IV for the surgery.

After we finished the blood work, we walked across the road to my genetic counsellor’s office to say hi.  Unfortunately, she was not in but I was able to drop off a survey her assistant had delivered to me earlier in the day.  Since the CDH1 genetic mutation discovery is still fairly new, research is still being conducted and I am apart of a few studies.  Oh, I also learned that if you have the CDH1 gene mutation, it is diagnosed as “Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer Syndrome”.

At this point it was around 3:00pm and we were hungry.  So we walked to a nearby Ramen restaurant called “Kinton Ramen” and had lunch.  This restaurant is unique in that 95% of the employees at the restaurant are Japanese and 100% speak Japanese.  You eat at a lunch bar instead of a traditional table.  All of the employees yell, “Welcome” in Japanese when you enter and “Thank you very much” when you leave.  The music is pumping and the Ramen chefs are behind a glass window making all the soup. We like going to this restaurant because we don’t have anything like it close to home so we usually take advantage of it when we have to go to Toronto for my appointments.  I ordered a Shoyu Ramen with pork shoulder but was only able to eat half of it because it is so large!


After lunch we made our way back to the train and came home.  The Ramen made up for our not so nice pre-op doctor experience.

Up next: Having surgery = purchase a nice couch for recovery


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