8 weeks and counting down

I’m trying to do at least one post a week leading up to surgery but over the past week, I haven’t had any great ideas.  So this will more just be more of a general update.

Last post I talked about having up and down days.  This past week has been very positive.  I feel really good about everything and I’m starting to get excited for our trip to Japan.  I ordered our Yen last week and all our hotels are booked.  We just have to pick up our rail passes and that will be it for things to do before we leave (minus the packing).  I’m a little weary of the 13 hour plane ride to get there but I’m excited to experience crossing the international date line.  I’m also looking forward to spending two weeks with some of my long time highschool friends.  I hope we don’t all get sick of each other!!  Last trip we all had together was to Mexico in 2010 for a friend’s wedding and that was amazing.  When we come back it’s Brandon’s 30th b-day!  Although he has to spend 13 hours of it on the airplane, when we get home, he’ll have all 13 hours of his day back because of the time change – Longest birthday ever!!  More on Japan later – I’ll be sure to keep my blog updated for that trip.

Aside: I want to spend a quick moment to elaborate a little on my travel group.  I am 4th generation Japanese-Canadian.  I have never been to Japan. I don’t speak the language (sadly) and I look 100% Japanese (or depending on who you are talking to, Chinese, because I feel like for some people asian = Chinese).  I am travelling with four Caucasian men. Can you see where this is going?  I am going to look like a Japanese tour guide for sure.  Thankfully, my one friend who is the groom, will be travelling with us for the first half of the trip. He is fluent in Japanese and has lived in Japan and is celebrating a marriage with a Japanese woman.   I’m banking on him during awkward situations.

A few weeks ago I ordered the “No Stomach for Cancer” t-shirts.  They arrived in the mail last week and I plan to wear them every Friday leading up to my surgery at work during the dress down days.  I hope to raise awareness about the CDH1 gene mutation as well as the No Stomach for Cancer group since it has been a great resource and the people who run the foundation are just wonderful.  I am planning on doing some sort of fundraiser for the foundation the month leading up to my surgery as a token of gratitude for all the support.  I have submitted an application and am waiting response. Once I am approved, I’m sure I’ll be advertising on my blog.

Much like the other CDH1 gene mutation carriers who are about to under to their total gastrectomies, I have been eating a lot of foods that I normally avoid or limit.  I’ve also stopped caring about not eating past 8pm.  It is an odd concept for me to digest….pun intended! But it has resulted in weight gain – I’m sitting around 130lbs now.  Yay! I’m sure I’ll lose some on my trip from walking around and eating Japanese foods but I will go into full pre-op mode when I return from the trip.

Speaking of pre-op mode, I will be going back to Toronto on Wed for my pre-op appointment.  It will likely be one of my last trips to Toronto before the actual surgery.  The only other appointment I will have is one with a dietitian and that occurs right before Easter (good timing!).

So that’s about me for this lovely Friday morning.  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

8 thoughts on “8 weeks and counting down

  1. I can’t tell you how excited I am for your trip! The food alone in japan I hear is worth the trip. My friend travels there for business and he’s had some awesome food stories and some pretty gnarly experiences like eating a live… and moving… Lobster at a sushi restaurant. Gnarly for sure. Don’t worry too much about the weight gain. I’m 9 days out of surgery and I’ve already lost almost 14 pounds!!! I came in at 206.7 day of surgery and this morning I’m 192.8. As also a person of asian descent… I am often asked… “So… Are you Chinese or Japanese” or the most annoying, when people see a sign in Chinese and ask me what it means… Sir, modern Vietnamese uses a Roman alphabet. Hope you’ll be blogging some on your trip!

    • Hey Steve! I’m excited to try a lot of different foods. My mom was saying weight that is put on fast also comes off fast. It’s wild you have lost so much weight already! Do you have a weight you want to maintain at? I’m hoping that I’ll end up no less than 110lbs.

      • Yea, I’m hoping to level out around 180, but right now all that stuff about eating being a full time job is true. I feel like I’m eating all day and right now the most I’ve gotten down in one day is 1100 calories yesterday. I did create a protein drink yesterday that was awesome, easy to go down, and 250 cals for 4oz.

  2. Hi Rachel, so exciting you’re going on a trip to Japan before your surgery. I went to Thailand after I got my results and had the trip of a lifetime 🙂 now I’m post surgery, I’m also planning a trip to Europe in July so fingers crossed will be able to go. I also think its definitely worth eating all the food you can now. I put on 7kgs (i think works out to be 15lbs) before surgery and I’ve lost it all now. I’m at a healthy weight and am maintaining that. I’m lucky i put on the weight though or I would’ve looked a little unhealthy. Look forward to hearing all about Japan and reading your posts in the lead up to surgery. Kate

    • Thanks Kate! For someone who usually tries to maintain weight and eat healthy, gaining weight has been something that is necessary but still feels odd. I see through both you and Steve that the weight loss is fast and quite significant so in really do need to fatten up now.

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