On the road to weight gain

Since setting my surgery date, I have been mowing down on lots of great food.  I am a person who usually watches what they eat and be really health conscious.  I few posts ago I mentioned I weight around 125lbs and I’m 5’2.  People are surprised that I weight so much, but it’s because I’m solid muscle!!! Joking.   I currently sit at 128lbs.  This is a tough thing for me to swallow (no pun intended).  I feel good sitting around 120-123lbs.  My pants are now getting tighter around the waist. I really don’t want to have to buy larger clothing though because I will have to replace most of my wardrobe when my weight levels out.  *fingers crossed I don’t need to replace my Lululemon* .  Which brings me to a little side note: I have forced myself to cut back on buying clothing over the past few months. This is really sad since I looovveee shopping!!!

Brandon and I joke about how much weight can I really gain before surgery.  I told him that most people will lose 15-20% of their body weight with this surgery.  He did some mental math and told me that I should be 144lbs before the surgery.  Never in my life have I been 144lbs.   A few weeks after testing positive for the CDH1 mutation, he brought home a half a dozen Cinnabon’s.  I ate maybe one and a half, he ate the rest.  At this rate, I’m thinking he will end up gaining some sympathy weight.

I also really like going to the gym.  Since setting my surgery date, I’ve had some back and forth debates with myself about how often I should be going.  Going to the gym has now become a double edged sword.  From my physio training, I know that the stronger you are going into surgery, the better your outcome will be.  But I don’t want to be losing weight (such a hard concept for me to accept).  So I’ve decided that a healthy dose of one hour weight lifting group exercise classes, combined with fun Zumba a few times a week will probably do the trick.  I also know that I won’t be able to do some of my high impact cardio classes (like step, and body attack) after surgery and I’m not sure how long it will take to get back to them…or if I will even be able to go back to them.  So I’ll throw some of those in the mix too because I am the type of person who needs to work out to the point of total fatigue or I feel like I didn’t work out hard enough.  Now that I’ve said this, I have to stick to it.

Just under three months until my surgery.  The race is on!  Oh and if any of you guys want to go out for dinner with me. You know I’ll be game!!

I saw this quote today on Nostomachforcancer's web page and though it was appropriate

3 thoughts on “On the road to weight gain

  1. Haha I love this!! I did exactly the same thing before my surgery and was the heaviest I’d ever been! Barely any of my clothes fit me.. So happy I did it now that I’m on my liquid only diet! Enjoy being able to put on weight 🙂 there aren’t many times in life we can do so without worrying about it

  2. Yes! The food tour continues in another country! My wife and I are in Maui right now and we have met sooooo many Canadians on our trip. We’ve been talking everything Canada: food, skiing, and women’s hockey (good for you, not good for us). At the same time I started my farewell stomach tour, I also started the goal of running 100 miles before surgery. I figure if I go into surgery in really good shape, maybe I’ll recover faster. So 11 days from surgery I only have 23.2 miles left to run, I’ve been averaging about 6 miles a run so I’ve only got about 4 more runs left. The second thing about eating and working out, I haven’t put on too much weight, but then again, I’ve gained about 4-6 lbs since starting the food tour. Now cruising about 200lbs, even… I’ve never really have been a thin guy so the prospect of being around 160lbs is a little crazy for me. Enjoy the workouts and the food! Post some pictures of what and where you’re eating!

    • Hey Steve! Maui is awesome. I was there in 2012 – We stayed at Sheraton on Black Rock. I’m jealous you are there right now! Hawaii is about an 11 hour flight for us to get there since we are in Ontario.

      I was at 128, but since I started doing my work out regime, I’ve lost weight again. I must start bulking up! Haha. I’m worried about getting too low in weight because I have a crazy fast metabolism.

      I will for sure post some pics of what I am eating. I am doing a trip to Japan at the end of the month and I’ll for sure keep peeps up to date!

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