CDH1 – fast track line to the front!

It’s been four businesses days and I already have an appointment with the gastroenterologist in Toronto. Amazing! I will be meeting her Wed morning to discuss details.  I should have a lot more information and maybe a surgical date set on Wed.  I think my genetic counsellor pulled some strings with her people at the hospital.

I’m happy I was booked in so fast but also makes me think that if they could get me in so fast, this cancer is pretty serious stuff.  More reason to have the stomach out ASAP. I’m not interested in being a walking time bomb anymore.

I was also able to move up my dietician appointment to the same day (previously March 12 as well).  I’m all about efficiency so fewer trips to Toronto and less time off work the better!

On a side note, there is an awesome ramen place near the hospital.  Of course I will be eating there after my appointments!

More to come later.

4 thoughts on “CDH1 – fast track line to the front!

  1. Sooo awesome that you were able to get in to see a surgeon so quickly, I know for me it was really stressful not being able to get a hold of my surgeon and not knowing when it was going to blow up in my system. The second I nailed down the date, it was a huge sigh of relief. Good luck for the rest of your appointments!

    • Thanks Steve! It’s nice to talk to people in a similar situation. I reallu enjoy reading your blog. Maybe we will be able to compare recovery notes in the future! Fingers crossed my date is soon.

  2. Rachel, that’s awesome! I’d say if they’re able to get you in that quickly its a sign that the team in Toronto doesn’t mess around and aren’t willing to leave anything to chance– I’m sure that will be reflected in the quality of your surgery and the care you get post-op. I remember how ‘real’ it all got when we set the surgery date at our consultation. The surgeon just said, “So, how about next Friday?” Such a surreal experience. Best of luck!

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