No news is good news

I was originally booked for today to follow up with the Gastroenterologist to discuss the results of my recent endoscopy.  Yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call rescheduling my appointment to Feb 5th because the Gastroenterologist was no longer available today.  Work has been VERY accommodating for all of my appointments and I was able to work my schedule around the appointment booked for today.  When the office called me to reschedule the appointment, I thought to myself, ‘uh oh, who am I going to affect this week’.  After the phone call ended, I pulled up my calendar on my phone and…I wasn’t scheduled to work that day.  What are the odds that the one day I had available during that week was the day they booked it.  It was like it was meant to be that way.   I am really happy that I did not have to call my manager again to ask for another day off last minute.

The thing with specialist appointments is that you make time for them vs. requesting when to be booked in.   It’s also very inconvenient to take time off work last minute because I have to re-schedule all the physio appointments that were booked for me that day.  It’s like a domino effect and I really don’t like re-booking patients.  Up to this point, I rarely took any sick days and I booked appointments around my working schedule.  I’ve now come to accept that if I don’t go to these appointments, I may not be around to work in the future.  I’d like to give props to my manager again for being super supportive.

Although I was upset I’d have to wait another couple of weeks to get the results, it all worked out for the best. I took advantage of early day off (since it was too late to try to book patients into my schedule) and went to the local ski hill.  Monday-Wednesday, they have a cheap $20 all day lift ticket.  Although it was freezing outside, it was great to have my first ride of the season.  Near the end of my time at the hill I saw something I had never seen before. It was a rainbow circling the entire sun.   I had to take a photo of it, so I quickly snapped a few photos with my phone before my fingers froze off.

Awesome rainbow at the ski hill

Awesome rainbow at the ski hill


It’s funny that it happened on this day while I was doing one of the activities I love the most.  I can’t help but think that today’s events were a sign to let me know that everything is going to be okay.

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