12 x 4 = 48 Biopsies later

Today was my repeat gastroscopy with biopsies.  Appointment was at 9:30am this time.  I was thankful for that because I woke up this morning starving and I avoided the kitchen all morning.  I chose my clothing accordingly because I remember last time, I didn’t remember getting dressed after the procedure was completed and I wanted to avoid a wardrobe mishap – giving the everyone in the recovery room a free show.  I was taken in promptly at 9:30am.

I was concerned about the IV since I remember what happened last time.  Poke poke poke…nurse trade off…poke again and in.  Next day, big bruise that lasted a week on my wrist.  Made for a good story.  This time, I psyched myself up and told my body to please let the IV go in easily this time.  After 1 minute of dangling arm pendulums and some vein tapping the nurse attempted to put the IV in and BINGO, it went in.  Then the waiting time began.

I waited in some chairs in the recovery room for about 45 minutes before I was taken into the procedure room.  While I was waiting, other people were placed beside me in queue.  After the first 15 minutes, I started to get a little bored so I pulled out my phone and started taking self portraits to help document the journey.  I did them secretly because I didn’t want anyone in the recovery room to think I was a weirdo.  No one was beside me at that point.  About 5 minutes later, another woman was placed beside me.  Then, I heard a high pitched farting noise from a nearby patient.  Note: for those of you who do know me, know that I ALWAYS find farts funny.  I tried to not laugh out loud. Then it continued, as if the person was intentionally playing an orchestrated tune from his bottom.  I managed not to burst out in laughter (thank goodness!!).  I realized later that colonoscopy procedures cause you to pass gass afterwards.  That will be something I can look forward to in the future. Although the risk of me developing colon cancer is lower in my pedigree, I will start screening when I’m 37.

I was taken in at 10:45am.  The only difference with this endoscopy one was that there was a larger team working with me.  Before I fell asleep I heard the oncologist talking to a medical resident about the gene and how she was going to take 12 x 4 biopsies.  She was going to need two nurses to help out.  Then I faded into nice sleep.

I woke up in the recovery room and managed to get dressed without any issues.  I don’t remember getting dressed again so I’m glad I chose something easy.  This time I was able to walk to the lobby while mom went to get the car.  Mom put me in a chair near the window and said, “Watch out for the van, I am going to pull up to the window”.   When she arrived at the front, she was wondering why I hadn’t come out yet. Through the glass windows, she saw that I was sitting in the lobby chair, sawing logs.

Follow up for this procedure will be Jan 22.  I know the biopsies will be negative.  But I’ll keep you all posted!

To end off, here is a picture of my IV while I was waiting in the waiting room.



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