The not so patient patient

Waiting for these test results has become something that seems all too familiar.  It reminds me of waiting for my final marks from an exam or an acceptance letter.  You forget about most of the stress after the test or application have been completed and then the waiting game begins.  As the response date approaches, you begin to think about it all over again.  I know that this is only the beginning of waiting for results.

I told mom that I was excited to receive my biopsy results.  I’m not sure why I would be excited – but I am the kind of person who gets exited about a lot of the little or big things.  Heck, I even get excited about oddly shaped potatoes.  See exhibit A below.


I would rather be excited about the results then scared.  No matter what happens, it is what it is so I mine as well take it with excitement.  I guess I’m excited to not have to wait for this result anymore.

My husband, mother and I all believe the biopsies will be negative.  This is the situation for most people with the CDH1 gene mutation.  This means one of two things for me.

1) The surgeon took the biopsies from areas of my stomach that were fine and there are no signet rings cells in my stomach anywhere, YAY!

2)  The surgeon took the biopsies from areas of my stomach that did not have any signet rings but they still exist elsewhere in my stomach – Based on research this is likely the case, BOO!  If the surgeon finds the cells – then I probably will get my stomach out sooner than later.

In either case, I plan to ask the surgeon as many questions as I can before she runs out the door on me.  I’m fairly sure I will get it out sooner vs. later but the fear of having a difficult pregnancy in the future is always scary. Being a specialist, I’m assuming she won’t have a lot of time to talk and I should be concise and to the point.  I have drawn up a list of questions.  So with that being said, I leave this blog with a clip that my family and I joke about whenever someone is asking a lot of questions.  I hope to have some more answers tomorrow.


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