Heartburn, and Hives and Stomach aches, Oh my!

For as long as I can remember, I have always been prone to stomach aches, random hives, and heart burn.  I used to just sit around and wait for them to go away.  I would attribute it to eating too much too fast or the wrong thing.   After getting the CDH1 diagnosis, I can’t help but be a little nervous about each stomach ache and heart burn episode.

While I was waiting for the CDH1 blood test results to come back, I started seeing an Naturopathic Doctor to try figure out why I was constantly getting stomach aches since they have been getting worse over the past year or two.  I related it to job stress (even though my job was not very stressful, I must have kept it all inside…get it..haha).  I was starting to think I may have some sort of wheat allergy.  She ran a IgG food sensitivity panel and it came back with surprising results. (Click on it to see it clearer)

My IgG allergy panel

My IgG food sensitivity panel

So basically it’s broken down into sections  Anything in red is something my blood really reacted with and anything green, I’m in the clear.  Clearly, I am sensitive to milk products, whey, and….wait for it…..crab. Who knew? For those of you who know me, know that I LOVE ice cream. So this is a little unfortunate, however, I still plan on eating it…just in moderation now.  Those who have had total gastrectomies are usually sensitive to sugary foods anyways, so this is just another reason to decrease my intake.   The results were definitely not what I was expecting but it’s nice to have a possible answer to why I keep getting these stomach aches.  Eases my brain a little bit.  I will be discussing my results with my Naturopath in the new year.  It’s funny how I started seeing her just as all this was coming about.  She can help me balance my nutrition post gastrectomy as well.  Everything for a reason, right?

She also mentioned that stress can be linked to cancer.  It made me think back to my six years of university, one big board exam, planning a wedding, and buying a house over the past few years.  All walks in the park right?

Needless to say, I started to consider Yoga more seriously soon after the diagnosis.  Haha.


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