Merry Christmas , Let’s eat!!

I like to eat.   This makes family holiday gatherings even better because I get to stuff myself full of food!  So much food that I usually prepare ahead as to which attire to wear so it can expand as I expand.  This year it will be my red lululemon studio pants…haha.  As I prepare to leave for my first Christmas dinner of the year I start to think about how this one is extra special.   Again, even though the news was negative, I’m going to shed my positive light on it.

Reason 1: This could be my last Christmas with my stomach.  I am thinking my surgery will likely be next year depending on what the Gastroenterologists’ say over the next few months.  I am not sure what I will and won’t be able to eat after my stomach is removed.  Some people can eat or drink whatever they want afterwards. Some people become lactose intolerant. Others can no longer eat spicy food or copious amounts of sugary foods.  So I’m going to eat a lot of everything.

Reason 2: Not only do I get to spend it with my family and friends, I can worry less about the extra calories!!  I need to put on some extra weight before I have the surgery (but from a physio perspective, also need to stay fit!) From what I have read, the average person loses 15% of their body weight after surgery.   Although, I should watch out for diabetes…but then again, I have read that some people who were diabetic, were not after surgery….interesting…

Reason 3: As I mentioned before, the mean age of getting HDGC is 38, there is an age span of 14 – 64 in the literature.  My grandfather died at 30 with it.  I have read other blogs and some people have had their brothers and sisters pass in their 20’s.   I feel very lucky this Christmas to be alive and have this information so I can make a change so I can see many more Christmas’  I’m also happy mom beat the odds and she’s doing fantastic 3 years post op!

So that being said, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Let’s eat!!


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